Monday, 20 May 2013

The dire state of Ontario's broken family courts

“There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly then our present Family Court System” – Judge Brian Lindsay Retired Supreme Court Judge

I have been pondering what has been happening in the courts lately. I am struck by the overall apathy of people until it directly affects their lives. Apathy is the very thing that destroys a nation. When we become apathetic we let down our guard and allow the wolves to enter the sheep’s fold. These wolves are cleverly disguised as sheep but no matter what they look like on the outside they are wolves who seek to devour every thing in site. I know it sounds a little dramatic and a little conspiracy theory but the reality is that we have let the wolves in.

Politically our nation and many other nations around the world are poised on the edge of destruction. Every major empire in history was brought down by apathy of the people. When apathy happens, complacency follows and then nations are easily overtaken. I think back to the not so distant past of the Nazi regime. When Hitler came to power he spouted ideals and a Utopian society that everyone desperately wanted. They were tired of the status quo and wanted change. He was a genius of a man and knew that the way to control the nation was to control the families, primarily the children. Once he had control of the children he could brainwash them into believing whatever he told them. This insane man was able to rally huge parts of the civilized world together to fight for his ideals. How was he able to do this? I am personally convinced that he was a very persuasive personality, but more than that he was brilliantly strategic in where he put his focus. He focused on the youth.

The very thing that happened in Nazi Germany is happening today. Families are being torn apart by people in positions of power – judges, case workers, attorneys. The family court system and our system of justice have become the new regime. If you don’t agree with them, if you stand up for your rights, or voice your displeasure in the system you are crushed. As much as I hate to say it the alienators think that they are in control but really they are just puppets in the hands of power hungry people who want to play God in the lives of the people. Parental Alienation is one of the tools they use to destroy families and gain control of our children. It is happening everyday in every civilized country around the globe and the majority of people are sitting back and apathetically letting it happen.

“Canada's family courts are causing millions of children undue suffering as a result of rulings which result in one parent, usually the father, being cut out of their children’s lives. These actions against our children are nothing less than child abuse, the results of which we are just now realizing all across this country. Children from fatherless homes account for 63% of youth suicides, 70% of juveniles in state operated institutions, 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders and 71% of all high school dropouts. These statistics are just a sample of the adverse effects these rulings are having on our society. The impact is both socially and economically devastating. What kind of future will our children face without these issues being successfully addressed?”

Let’s put a stop to the apathy, the insanity and the destruction of our nation through the use of the family.


  1. As a mother who went through this bent (towards the family lawyers 'club') system, it is the child who suffers while the parents pay through their noses. The system is set up to pay lawyers to prolong cases and embitter parents against each other. These lawyers know all the tricks to do so, swinging wild accusations that serve up a contentious battle. How do we stop these self serving mafios when they have even formed a Family Lawyers Association- where they invite judges to speak for them- it's all a tight knit raquette.

  2. ...but please, let's focus on "children's rights", rather than mother's or father's rights!

    1. It is up to clients to not partake in that kind of behaviour, if I personally had a lawyer like that they would be fired, I don't find all lawyers are like that. Take me for example, whenever me and my lawyer step into court or file documents there is no bashing of the mother, the focus is always the kids but now the mother goes in and it's all about I'm a monster I'm this I'm that, the kids want nothing to do with him, the kids are screwed up because of him and what do me and children get? Supervised fucking access, a severe case of parental alienation, this is abuse at its finest but god forbid a judge speak out against a mothers actions.

      It's not about man vs woman or fathers rights over mothers rights, it's about exposing the reality.

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  4. And believe me there are great moms out there who want to resolve the issues and move past the court nonsense and get on with their lives, I know a lot of great moms and dads who work together for their kids sake but I also know some real shitty parents who get off on trying to destroy the other parent in court and you would assume that judges are well trained and conditioned to that type of behaviour. If a judge sees one parent is using the courts for to fulfil a negative agenda or to alienate the other parent than that parent should lose custody to the other parent that has proven they are the better parent