Monday, 1 July 2013

Canadian Children deserve better than growing up learning to assume that men are violent abusers

Canadian Politicians need to start thinking about what they can do for Canada and not what Canada can do for them.

Canadian Children deserve better than growing up learning to assume that men are violent abusers and a danger to children, the extreme feminist agenda, a doctrine that controls most family court judges, police and that group called child protection workers.

There is no promotion of marriage, only a promotion of marriage destruction, a promotion of the removal of fathers that is destroying Canada with a resulting negative birth rate.

There needs to be a radical reform of family law, child protection law, and a brighter light on equality rights for men and children.

Children don't have legal rights to a mother and a father. Children have no legal right to know WHO their mother and father are.

The only solution, is for DNA testing at birth with parental confirmation by DNA testing. Every man in Canada should be able to have his DNA checked to see if he has become an unwitting father.

Canadian Justice is a sick joke that has more in common with that of 1939 Germany than a real rule of law.

The first start is a total reform of Family Law in Canada based on equality rights, an assumption of equal parenting, and tough penalties for false allegations that feminists encourage.

Then there is the area's of education and social work where men have been made outcasts. In many of those areas, the only men you find are those who are follow the promotion of hatred of men dictated by feminist doctrine.

You fight fire not by blowing the smoke away, but by fire prevention in the first place. In Canadian society children and men have next to no legal rights which requires recognition and radical change.

Across Canada, men have a reverse onus applied to them, an assumption that everything is wrong with them or anything they say because it conflicts with the dogma spouted forth by feminists that indoctrinates the judiciary, police and the most evil of all, the Child Protection Workers of Ontario who have next to no oversight.

Canadian men have similar rights to that of jews being placed in cattle carts on a non stop journey to the concentration camp.

Women are increasingly well educated as to the lack of men's legal rights and know that if he calls 911 because she assaults him, he will be arrested automatically, and a year later, if he is lucky, be found not guilty. In the intervening year, his children have a better probability of being alienated from him.

Men now are afraid of being fathers, they are afraid of women who hold all the power and can have one little finger dial 911 to unleash a war of police, family court, child protection, criminal prosecution, all to ensure his total destruction in the name of feminist doctrine that has more in common with that by the 3'rd Reich than to that mythical charter of rights and freedoms that the Supreme court seem to think needs to apply its gender lens.

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