Thursday, 12 December 2013

Law Society of Upper Canada a complete abuse of power

Well folks, father looking for justice here again wanting to touch on the corruption of the law society of upper canada and they're complete lack of transparancy openess and honesty. Really fellow readers can we as the general public truly rely on a criminal do nothing organization such as the lsuc to internally handle complaints against their members? That is the equivelent of reaching out to the mob if your having a problem with one of their members. But than again i think the mob would take your issue more seriously and would at the very least give you an opportunity to at least be heard. The lsuc speaks a very good game and even on the surface comes across that they take your complaints seriously with a well made up website of links and resources for the general public to use. Keep in mind fellow justice seekers that is the great deception of their smoke and mirrors game they desperetely try to sell to the general public through their website and carefully crafted professional letters they send to you in order to fool you into believing they take your complaints seriously. Iam not saying to not file complaints but keep in mind that these criminals protect their own, and always remember that once you start to peel away the layers of the facade you will quickly learn that they're primary objective is to discredit you and your complaint in order to cover up the lawyers actions. Basically the lsuc operates and functions as a do nothing organization out to protect the interests of the lawyer kinda like how a union protects their members as the lawyers pay heavy dues as ppl in a union have to pay union dues, i have nothing against unions in particular but i just wanted to use them as a comparason. The only real solution to this issue is to have government/ombudsman oversight or as they do mainly over in europe let private entities investigate these criminals so we can bring true accountability, honesty and transperency to the table. I always encourage my readers to file a legitamate complaint if they have one and below i will attempt to show you tips on how to do so. (1) Always remain civil and professional in regards to your complaint, dont attack the lawyer. (2) Before you even file a complaint study their rules and use them to your advantage (3) Gather all the appropriate evidence to support your claim (4) Always remember their job and duty is first and foremost is to pick apart your complaint to cover up for the lawyer (5) Your complaint is always approached with the emphasis that you are just a uneducated member of the general public (6) And always be aware and expect for them to dismiss your complaint as that is their true objective, even if you can prove 95% of your complaint they will take the 5% and pick you and your complaint apart without allowing you to have a hearing. (7) The complaints resolution commisioner is their version of an ombudsman but keep in mind the commisioner is apointed and funded by the lsuc so your chances of having them redirect your complaint back to the lsuc after they dismiss is slim to nil, "the complaints resolution commissioner is the lsuc appeals process (cough cough choke choke) (8) The lawyer you have complained about is always granted favor over you, they are allowed and granted permission to slander you and your charachter, keep in mind the lawyers response will never focus on their conduct or your complaint in general, the response will always be a vicious, slanderous and hate filled attack on yourself. (9) Still dont give up on your complaint if you have one, just be fully aware that these criminals are not out to protect you and proceed accordingly. in Summary: The more the general public speaks out against this corrupt do nothing entity and exposes them we are but 1 step closer to bringing true transparency and social justice, although it may only be a baby step it is still yet a step and the more we spread the word the more the public will become aware of this complete abuse and lack of social justice. If the lsuc has wronged you dont sit back grinding your teeth or bitching about it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, write a blog as i do and share your experiences, my blog is only one blog, one experience and i cannot sucessfully spread the word on my own, i need help by ppl like YOU who have been mistreated and violated by corrupt disfunctional lawyers and the corrupt entity that protects and promotes their conduct. Anyhow ppl excuse the spelling errors as my spellcheck isnt working for some reason.


  1. Hi, I agree that LSUC is only there to protect he lawyers. I filed a complaint and it was turned down by LSUC. I actually proved my case based on the disclosure they gave me. My presentation was 24 pages long and included case law. I do have legal training but am not a lawyer. After spending 15 years in the justice system I did not hold out much hope in having this complaint looked after properly. I appealed to the Complaints Resolution Commissioner. He found in my favour. As we all know this complaint goes back to the law society to determine if they wish to reopen the matter. The Commissioner has no authority to force them to investigate the matter further. As expected LSUC turned the request down and the file remains closed. What is this except pure corruption? It is impossible to win against these crooks even when successful upon appeal. There has to be a way to change this corrupt system. Details of my complaint are available.

    1. Hey Cheif thanx for your input and insight. I meet with the commissioner in January so we'll see where that goes which I doubt will be anywhere, I must admit I was unaware that when the commissioner throws a complaint back those criminals can refuse to further investigate it. Can't say I'm at all surprised because just as you yourself I had proof on the lawyer and proof she's been pissing all over the rules and as in your case the disclosure actually proves all of my allegations.

      What was your complaint regarding?

  2. I think the LSUC is a joke. Here is why...

    Unless a lawyer commits murder, they will be protected by the Law Society. They are a shameless bunch and a real disgrace to the legal profession. If YOU have a problem with a lawyer take it to the police and the Chief Justice in your Province and the local newspaper. You will get no help or relief from the Law Society.

  3. Hi all, I have a doozy of a scam to explain. I literally have several lawyers busted on fraud regarding our family estate. The LSUC really is a complete joke as I put four complaints on different lawyers with ample proof of fraud and they all got dropped with many ridiculous excuses. This allows the next family to get scammed since all these lawyers get to carry on with there fraud. If you email me I will attach the details of this scam that probably happens every day. As a joint executor to an estate and after 10 lawyers involved I am still not allowed access to my families accounts to check book keeping. Does this make any sense? According to Mrs Rosemarie Abrecht (17 year investigator) of the LSUC) this is perfectly normal as she refused to freeze the accounts and call the police. All she kept saying was to hire more lawyers. She should also be investigated for elderly abuse and racketeering as I have been to the authorities many times begging for help but they refuse to help and tell me to deal with the LSUC. This is breach of trust and a crime for not properly investigating but they are all in collusion together. I decided to press charges with the justice of the peace since after 3 years I was still unable to access the families accounts as these lawyers exploited bank policy. This is when our local financial crime investigator calls me down to the police station 3 days before my court date to press charges on the lawyers and throws me in jail with six x death threats? This bans me from the court house so I cannot address my charges against the lawyers (which got dropped as I could not make court date) and I have been under house arrest for the last several months with no help from nobody. Our family is completely destroyed and these ten lawyers walk away with our entire life savings laughing. What ever they did not hide they squandered in legal fees and as of today I still cannot finish the estate as some banks have yet to release any bank statements. Revenue Canada is waiting for a list of assets regarding the clearance certificate and I am still obstructed from accounts but the LSUC seesa nothing wrong with this? I could have added complaints on other lawyers but it was pointless and a waste of time. If your dying Father tells you he has a Million dollars and the estate lawyer shows you $600,000, who you going to believe? Is it just a coincidence that 10 lawyers have obstructed our family from the accounts for independent review? These people really are a joke that hide behind the laws that were put in place to protect the public. They are not even good at stealing but can still get away with it since the LSUC is 100% backing them up. Any questions feel free to call and I will explain the scam which the public should be aware of. Dave 519 562 3652

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