Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Bornmann Supremacy: The Shameful Law Society of Upper Canada Disentangles Spideman from His Own Web–Secret Witness Reveals Christy Clark Leaks, First-Hand

The Bornmann Supremacy: The Shameful Law Society of Upper Canada Disentangles Spideman from His Own Web–Secret Witness Reveals Christy Clark Leaks, First-Hand 74 When I wrote this some months ago, I thought that by now Erik Bornmann would go back to shining the shoes of Mark Marissen and Christy Clark, instead of sullying the reputation of the Ontario bar–but alas, no such luck. Mr. Bornmann has been approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada to practice law in Ontario. In the ensuing months, the secret witness that the LSUC were going to fly out east was intimidated enough by Clark operatives that she now lives in an undisclosed Metro Vancouver address and seeks little refuge outside her own home. You wouldn’t know her, in fact, she’s not given me permission to use her name. Striking and intelligent; articulate and (VERY) well-read, she would have made mincemeat of Bornmann’s application to practice law. I sat with her not long ago, and while I wouldn’t consider it a formal interview, this is the excerpt she has given me permission to publish: AGT: So you were employed by Pilothouse Public Affairs? SW: Yeah, they actually had me come over to help out right before all the you-know-what started to hit the fan. It was an exciting opportunity in the beginning but one that turned pretty ugly. AGT: How’d you mean? SW: Well, it was pretty obvious what was going on…it turned into a bit of a gong show when all the BC Rail stuff was happening, with Erik doing what he was doing and meeting with Christy all the time and Kim sending over material. And then the Basi and Virk stuff. AGT: Can you expand on that for me please? Do you know what Bornmann was meeting Christy Clark about? And what material from Kim? You mean Kim Haakstad her ministerial assistant who’s now her deputy chief of staff, right? SW: Yes, that’s exactly who I’m talking about. Well, Erik was meeting with Christy and getting info from inside government. And Kim was also funneling info to him through Christy’s office. AGT: Are you confirming for me today, that you were aware of the then Deputy Premier and now current Premier Christy Clark being responsible for leaks of inside, sensitive, government information to Erik Bornmann regarding the sale of BC Rail? How do you know that? SW: Oh yeah, of course, the whole place knew it. I saw it and handled it sometimes for Erik. It was considered no big deal, everyone knew and to be honest with you, she was on the phone with him all the time, I’m surprised the RCMP didn’t tap them as well. Erik had a very close relationship with Christy, they were going out to lunches and meetings together and meeting for coffee. And with Brian too, but not as much. AGT: Brian Kieran, she met with him, too? SW: Sure, like I said it was no big deal to them, no one thought much about it. I thought it was very strange that she was leaking Cabinet material, and once mentioned it to Erik and that was one of the last times I was allowed to handle it for him. But Christy was meeting with everyone, like Virk and Basi too. AGT How do you know that? SW: Erik would tell us. He knew everything going on in that government. He met with them as well, as you know, and it was like one big happy family. They were all federal Liberals in the Paul Martin camp. AGT: I see… SW: It was a pretty cozy arrangement. AGT: Okay, let’s break on this issue for a minute and let me take you forward to the Spring of this year: You were scheduled to appear before the Law Society of Upper Canada, correct? SW: Yes. AGT: But you didn’t, why? SW: Well, after they agreed to fly me out they contacted Erik about my appearance and he lied his ass off and told them I was just some jilted lover looking for revenge or something crazy like that–I’ve never slept with the guy, ever. It just shows you how he’s not rehabilitated: When faced with the truth, he lies again. AGT: And then what happened, why were you not there? SW: Because then the investigators for the LSUC started asking me creepy questions like ‘What colour are your bed sheets?’ and ‘What does the entrance to your apartment look like?’ Obviously, they were going in the wrong direction and I couldn’t take it anymore. And then, a couple of Christy’s political friends suggested I should keep my mouth shut, so I did. AGT: They intimidated you? SW: Well, yeah, of course. I’m a single woman with a good career, I don’t need the grief. They were just so clear: I should keep my mouth shut. AGT: Did they threaten you? SW: No, not really, they didn’t have to. I’ve known one of them for a long time. He’d do anything for Christy. AGT: Would you provide me with their names? SW: No way. No, not me. AGT: Do you not think the higher purpose here was to reveal Bornmann for the liar he was and remains? Would that not sway you beyond the threats? SW: Not really. What do I get out of it? Nothing except major grief. Erik’s connections and Christy’s power players are enough to intimidate anybody. Don’t you ever worry? How do you sleep? (Nervous laughs) AGT: No, I fear no one. SW: Well, lucky you. I just couldn’t do that to my life. I work hard and shy away from the limelight. Besides, I’d have to tell of Christy’s leaking information and Erik’s acceptance of all that. The media wouldn’t leave me alone. But I trust you. I believe you won’t betray me. AGT: So no chance I can use your name or put you on camera? SW: No, I don’t think so. I have enough stress in my life. Thanks for the offer, though… (Laughs). And that, my darlings, is how business is done in the Christy Clark world. It’s why a briber of public officials is now an Ontario lawyer. It’s why she’s in the Premier’s chair. It’s also why yet another exceedingly bright, articulate woman is afraid to tell the truth. We ARE a banana republic under the BC Liberals. They MUST lose. They must be defeated.

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